Speaking of traffic, R.T.B. wrote recently: "I come down Massachusetts Avenue en route to work each morning. At the Mosque about a week ago, I suddenly became aware of a red light and slammed on my brakes. The driver behind me screeched to a halt, blowing his horn and cursing me.

"It turned out that the red light I saw was on the near side of Waterside Drive, but on the far side of the same intersection was a standard that showed a 'through' green arrow and a 'right' green arrow. I have encountered this same condition every morning since then. What mad genius is responsible for this?"

It was almost 3 p.m. when I phoned Seward E. Cross at the Highway Department and said, "I think one of your lights at Waterside and Mass has been knocked askew. Can you take a look?" A little after 5 p.m., Cross called back and said, "That was a good guess. Apparently a truck hit it and turned it 90 degrees. The red light that was supposed to stop cross traffic became visible to drivers on Mass. Avenue who were supposed to have the green. Thanks for letting us know about it."

Not at all, my friend. Thank you for being on the ball and correcting a potentially dangerous situation.