Charles E. Coe has announced his candidacy in next year's election for the 8th District U.S. House seat, representing Prince William County, southern Fairfax County, northern Stafford County, and the City of Alexandria.

Coe, who lives at 8062 Fairfax Rd. in Alexandria, said that he will be running as an independent. He recently received a Bachelor of Individualized Studies degree, specializing in business corses, from George Mason University. Coe spent 13 years in the life insurance business and now works as a sales representative for a pest control and exterminating company.

"We have got to encourage those people who are out of work drawing unemployment to accept a job that was created for them through the employment bureau," Coe said. "Too many unemployed are turning down job offers if the pay is not to their liking," he said.

If elected to Congress, Coe said he would push for programs "where we all can save on our bills." Of the water shortage, Coe said, "Widen the Occoquan Dam or make it deeper if possible, before spending great sums of money . . . for a feeder system from the Potomac River."

Coe also said he would make a proposal that Amtrak offer discount rates on round-trip tickets to New York and Boston, Philadelphia and other cities, and recommend that children under 3 ride fre and children from 3 to 10 years old ride for half price.

"Our government should not fund something just to keep it in motion if the fares are too high," Coe said.

Coe also said he supports the closing of the Lorton Reformatory. On rising medical costs, he said, "Maybe the benefits received from our plans are too easy for us to use and when we go (to the doctor) for unnecessary things, the doctor is not going to tell us not to come." He concluded tha, "Maybe what all of us need to do in this country is to look ourselves in the face and say that we are the ones causing rates to go up and inflation, along with the doctors and hospitals."