Lake Braddock - Lake Braddock Secondary School is looking for a new head football coach to replace Dave Puddington who resigned one week after the 1977 season ended.

"Yes, I was dissappointed in our performance this year," says athletic director Bob Carson of the team's 3-7 record. "We had a team with 29 seniors returning from the year before and I thought we'd do better."

Puddington, who took the job before the start of this school year, filled the vacancy created when Rick Lewis, who had been Lake Braddock's head coach since the school opened in 1973, died of leukemia last spring.

Puddington notified Lake Braddock of his decision to resign two weeks before leaving for a non-coaching position at Ohio University Nov. 9, according to Carson. Puddington had been "out of teaching for six or seven's years" when he took the Lake Braddock job, but "had an impressive background with the Kent State University (in Ohio) coaching staff," Carson says.

Of the present search for a coach, Carson says, "I hope we get a person who is happy here (at Lake Braddock) and will stay with us, otherwise our football program is in trouble. In our district, you can't change coaches every year and be successful. We have good, young talent here."

Lake Braddock is one of Fairfax County's larger schools with more than 4,000 students in grades seven through 12. Its athletics boosters are well known for their support of the sports program. The football team's showing this year disappointed the school's students and their parents and surprised several area coaches who expected the team to do better.

"At this point," Carson says, "I have no idea who the new coach will be. I don't do the actual hiring. The principal (John Allwood) does. But I will recommend that he hire someone who will stay with the program."

Carson says he hopes "to spend the Christmas holidays interviewing applicants" and expects to announce the new coach in early January.