Prince George's County school officials last week proposed a major shift of elementary school students. If approved by the school board, the plan would drastically increase the number of children who will attend neighborhood schools. While reducing the number of black majority schools, the proposal also would increase the percentage of blacks in black-majority schools.

Included in the proposal is a recommendation to close 11 schools, which officials said would be necessary because of the decline of the student population.

The chart below details the effect the proposal will have on each elementary school in the county. The board of education will discuss this proposal at a meeting scheduled for today.

The first four columns show the current enrollment figures and black student percentages in the schools. The next two columns show how enrollment and black percentages would be altered under the proposal. The last colunm is the black percentage in the schools during 1971-1972, the year before the court-ordered desegregation plan was put into effect.

These 1971-1972 figures help measure the extent to which the neighborhoods have been integrated since the desegregation order. They can be compared to the "proposal" figures which generally reflect the racial compositon of the neighborhoods today. The comparison offers a reading of the degree of integration in Prince George's County since the court order four years ago.