"How concerned are Capitol Hill residents about crime?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Robert Malone went to Capitol Hill to ask residents their views.

Jane Cronly, 28, waitress, resident at 9th and F Streets SE: "We had a break-in in our garage the first week we were moving into our house. I haven't had any trouble other than that. I wouldn't walk around the street by myself at night, but I like it here. I like the mixture of people. I think they all get along very well."

Henrietta Moore, 33, employee at Patio Cafe, 406 8th St. SE: "I guess crime is a problem, especially with little kids. They jump over the counter and steal cookies. I blame the parents for that. Lately the Marines have been giving people a lot of trouble around here - jumping on them and fighting. This area is predominantly gay, I guess that's what that is about. In June the owner was going down the street for a drink and six teen-agers jumped on him and stole his bag."

Henry Kahn, 22, law student at George Washington University, resident at 10th and E Streets SE: "I'd heard about the Capitol Hill rapist awhile back, but I haven't heard of anybody's house being broken into. I think there's good police protection."

Susan Musgrove, 29, cashier at Murray Steak's Supermarket, 419 8th St. SE: "I'm scared to death at night. We were robbed here. Some dudes came in with a gun and they asked for our cash. We gave it to them. But we have good protection from the Fifth District.They respond immediately."

Michael McClory, 38, teacher at St. Cecilia's School, resident at 11th and Pennsylvania Avenue SE: "Obviously there is crime around on Capitol Hill. I've never been touched personally by crime. I hate to say crime is overrated. I think 95 per cent of what goes on around here is good. I don't see any point in dwelling on the 5 per cent."

Adrian Taylor, 25, owner of the Capitol Hill Variety Boutique, 409 8th St. SE: "The most thing we (the businessmen) have had to worry about is juvenile crime - shoplifting and vandalism. I've been here two weeks. Young children who should be in school come in and spend a lot of time.I guess you blame the parents for that."