The American University's College of Public Affairs has been awarded a $900,000 grant by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the establishment of a national urban analysis center on the college campus.

"We are pleased that HUD has selected the American University for President Joseph J. Sisco. "It's especially fitting that the center be located at the American University which historically has been involved with the problems of urban affairs," he said.

The Center for Urban Public Policy Analysis begins operating immediately under the three-year HUD grant, the college said.

The center's quick response studies will be on key issues in urban public finance and economic analysis, community preservation and development, and housing assistance and policies, the college reports. The center will draw on people from the Washington area and around the nation on an adhoc basis to respond to HUD's requests.

The center will be co-directed by Robert Boynton and Bernard Ross, both professors in the College of Public Affairs. They will be assisted by a research staff and an advisory board composed of representatives from American, Catholic, Georgetown, George Washington, and Howard Universities and the University of the District of Columbia.