'Twas two weeks before Christmas, vacation was near,

But the students were gripped by the old exam fear;

For days, nay for weeks, they had studied and crammed,

Until into their heads no more facts could be rammed;

Georgetown's campus was quiet, the midnight oil burned

In the Harbin, and New North, dorm rooms where they learned;

Then somebody made a rude noise like a bird,

And other eruptions began to be heard;

Seven hundred-plus students to their windows soon sprang,

And they listened, and watched, as the cries loudly rang;

Students cavorted outside in the nude,

Faces covered with ski masks, their gestures quite rude;

They tossed paper, and notebooks, and water balloons,

There were fireworks, shaving cream, and a cycle's Varoooom!

'Twas an hour past midnight, it could have been day,

For the students were acting in the wildest of ways;

The fire alarms were set often and loud,

And the few crazy youngsters had become quite a crowd;

The campus police stood by, some confused -

Should they be angered, or just be amused?

Some 35 students ran wild through the gloom,

While hundreds of others threw objects from rooms;

By two in the morning, things seemed to calm down,

It was hard for authorities even to frown;

"It was just good clean fun," said a man from the school,

A way to ease tensions and ring in the Yule.

(John Rabb contributed to the reporting of this poem. Also thanks and apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.)