Three policemen and a former policeman were arrested here yesterday after a 2 1/2-month investigation into an alleged major criminal fencing operation based in southeast Washington, D.C. Police reported.

The three officers - a Prince George's County policeman, a D.C. policeman and a U.S. Capitol policeman - and the former official all were arrested on drug charges, according to police records.

Assistant D.C. Police Chief Robert L. Rabe said that after investigators infiltrated the alleged fencing operation they learned of persons who were distributing marijuana and cocaine.

In addition, police said, the investigation into the fencing operation made it possible for them to obtain search warrants for the recovery of stolen property. Rabe declined to disclose further details because, he said, the investigation is continuing.

Rabe said in a statement that investigators had uncovered a series of thefts in Prince George's County, primarily at the Montgomery Ward Co. warehouse in Landover, and traced them to locations in the District.

A D.C. police spokesman said goods stolen included washing machines, dryers, television sets and tape casettes.

At 11:30 a.m. yesterday, Rabe said, members of a joint D.C. and Prince George's County police task force began raids at locations in the District and Maryland.

Police armed with search warrants raided a liquor store at 2739 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE, and a beer and wine shop at 2761 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Rabe said.

Untaxed cigarettes were seized at the beer and wine store, Rabe said. He declined to specify the nature of any other seizures that may have been made in the District.

A Prince George's County Police spokesman said three homes in the county were raided, and stolen property was recovered at all three locations.

He said the value of the property would amount to thousands."

Police listed those arrested as follows:

Quentin Terrell Robinson, 30, of 1101 Kennebec St. Oxon Hill, a Prince George's County policeman since 1974, attached to the Bowie station. He was arrested at 2739 Martin Luther King Ave.

Eddie Lee Mayo, 33, a D.C. policeman since 1967, attached to the seventh district. He was arrested at his home at 3319 10th Pl. SE.

Richard Talbert James, 45, of 2214 Oregon Ave., Landover, a capitol policeman since 1971. He was arrested at his post in one of the House of Representatives office buildings.

All three were charged with violating the controlled substance act in connection with alleged distribution of marijuana.

The fourth suspect was identified as Ronnie Alphonso Hall, 30, of 5621 Dundalk St. Oxon Hill. He was identified as a former D.C. policeman who according to Alcoholic Beverage Control Board records, is the operator of the liquor store at 2739 Martin Luther King Ave., where he was arrested.

Police said Hall was charged with violating the controlled substance act in connection with alleged distribution of cocaine.

Also arrested, police said, was Lee Curtis Chapman, 43, of 1205 Alabama Ave. SE. He was arrested at the store at 2761 Martin Luther King Ave. and charged with operating a lottery and possession of marijuana, police said.