South Lakes - Carl Zaleski, an administrative aide at Marshall High School, has been named athletic director at South Lakes High School in Reston, which is scheduled to open next fall.

"It's a big job, but it's fantastic," Zaleski said of the work involved in planning the new school's sports program. Mr. (John) Broaddus (principal at South Lakes) is in the process of selecting personnel for the school. Once that's decided, we'll fill out coaching positions from there."

Zaleski thinks "good teachers" and people with "good personalities make good coaches.

"Coaches have to be able to deal with kids, parents, and administrators," Zaleski said.

South Lakes is tentatively scheduled to open with grades 7 through 10 and play a junior varsity and freshman schedule its first year, according to Zaleski. The following year it will expand to group AA competetion, and in its third year it will compete against AAA varsities in the area, Zaleski said.

"With thetype of community the school will draw from," Zaleski said, "there are all kinds of possibilities for an athletic program. We might be able to have scuba diving, equestrian training and other non-traditional sports offered in the program. I hope so."

Zaleski, who played college football at George Washington University in the late 1950s, was assistant football coach at Stuart High School in Falls Church from 1959 to 1974. He also assisted in basketball for four years and was head wrestling coach at Stuart. Last year he was acting athletic director at Marshall while athletic director Herb Yost was on sabbatical leave.