Connecticut Avenue NW between 24th and Garfield Streets, Macomb and Ordway Streets and Yuma and Veazey Streets. Metro construction.

South Capitol Street Bridge construction has limited the normal flow of four-lane traffic (two-way) to two lanes while construction of the approach ramps are under contract. During construction in bound traffic to the city will be maintained at all times except 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, when the bridge will be two lanes outbound to accomodate evening rush-hour traffic. The 11th Street Bridge is being used as an alternate route.

East Capitol Street between 43d and 51st Streets. Metro construction.

M Street SW from 4th to 6th Street, Metro construction.

Kenilworth Avenue NE, southbound service roadway as it exists onto westbound Benning Road. Metro construction has reduced the normal two lanes of traffic to one lane during the decking operation.

K Street NW, between 13th and 16th Streets, lane reductions while resurfacing. VIRGINIA

Route 1. Construction at the bridge over Four Mile Run in conjunction with the Corps of Engineer's Four Mile Run flood control construction.

Route 602. Reston Avenue from Duties Access Road to Route 606. Widening to four lanes, construction of second bridge over Dulles Access Road. MARYLAND

Route 381, from Gibbons Church Road to Orme School, resurfacing and safety improvements.

Route 189, Falls Road between Potomac and 1-270, resurfacing and safety drainage.

Route 384, Colesville Road from Route 29 to East-West Highway, reconstruction.

Route 355, at Rockville Pike, reconstruction from Manrakee Street to Shady Grove Road.

Route 183, Randolph Road, reconstruction of between Route 650 and 97.

Route 450. Annapolis Road, traffic signalization from Route 202 to Princess Garden Highway.

1-270, eastbound lane, widening of roadway and Tuckerman Lane Bridge from west of Tuckerman Road to the "Y" connection.

Route 5, Branch Avenue, traffic-signalization from D.C. Line to Maryland Route 414.

U.S. Route 1, D.C. Line to Maryland Route 410, traffic signalization.

Route 414, Oxom Hill Road, traffic signalization between Brickley Road to Maryland Route 5.

Route 458, Silver Hill Road, traffic signalization from Maryland Route 5 to Maryland Route 4.

Route 1, traffic signalization, from 1-95 to Maryland Route 212.

Route 108, Laytonsville to Damascus, resurfacing and safety improvements between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Route 50, Construction of access ramps to Ardwick/Ardmore Interchange, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.