A 17-year-old Montgomery County youth has been charged with assaulting a police officer in connection with an alleged sniping incident early Tuesday in a field near Olney.

Cpl. Ronald Kibiloski of the Montgomery County Police Department reported that at least eight shots were fired in his direction while he was inspecting an abandoned building in a field near Bowie Mill and Bready Roads about 10:25 a.m.

Kibiloski, who had driven up a dirt road into the field and parked his cruiser, said he was leaving the empty building when a shot was fired over his head.

He shouted, "Montgomery County police officer, don't shoot," but could not see anyone in the field.

As more shots were being fired in his direction, Kibiloski hid in the abandoned building for cover, police said. From there he could see three individuals standing near a car about 100 yards away, police said.

Kibiloski then managed to reach his cruiser, parked behind the buildings, and radio for help. Within minutes, six units responded, police said.

Three suspects, who were juveniles, were subsequently taken into custody, police said. A rifle was also recovered, as were eight .22 caliber shell cases. No charges were placed against two of the youths.