A judge refused yesterday to halt a planned reorganization of the Prince George's County judge refused yesterday to halt Sheriff's Office, including the creation of a separate county corrections department, scheduled to begin Jan. 1.

St. Mary's County Circuit Court Judge Joseph A. Mattingly, following a day-long hearing, in Upper Marlboro, refused to issue the temporary injunction sought by the County deputies' association until the court can rule fully on the deputis' rights in the reorganization.

Under the plan to create a new corrections department to run the Upper Marlboro jail, the sheriff's office will require only 120 deputies to carry out its remaining functions of courtroom security, warrant service and prisoner transportation. There are currently about 225 deputies.

Last week, Sheriff Don E. Ansell discharged 132 deputies, some of whom have said they did not want to work in the jail anyway. Under an opinion issued by the state attorney-general, Ansell was not required to follow state or county procedures protecting seniority and other employee rights in deciding who should be retained.

In court yesterday, county lawyers said 106 deputies had accepted employment in the new department and that there are openings for late applicants. The county said it had no responsibility for the firing Procedure of the sheriff.

Ansell is under indictment for misappropriating funds, filling false income tax returns and lying to a grand jury. Some deputies charged Ansell fired them in retaliation for their co-operation with prosecutors.

Mattingly ruled the deputies had failed to prove irreparable harm if the reorganization goes into/ effect but said they could file suits against the sheriff for damages and resinstatement.