"What is it like to shop or run a business in Anacostia?"

Earlette Carter, 21, secretary, resident at 16th and T Streets SE. "It's just terrible. Every now and then somebody will come up behind you and ask for a dime or a quarter. Then if you don't give it to them they jump in your face. They just seem to harass you and it's getting worse and worse.They grabbed a woman in front of the liquor store and no one stopped to help her."

Lessie Roberson, apprentice cashier, resident at 15th Street near Good Hope Road SE: "People take people's pocketbooks. A senior citizen walked out the Safeway and some little dude snatched his pocketbook. It's terrible!"

James B. Shamwell, 71, janitor at 18th and Minnesota Avenue SE: "The store is convenient. I don't have any problems with crime. I been here three years and the store is a wonderful thing."

Clyde Rispus, 21, cashier, resident at 18th Street and Good Hope Road SE: "The area is pretty well messed up. It could stand a little more improvement with police protection. A few policemen walk the beat but people are still losing the same amount of property and the customers are losing out."

Joanne Charles, assistant manager Damili's Record Shop, Minnesota Avenue and Good Hope Road SE: "I've been robbed at gun point. The guy that robbed me had been coming in here asking about prices. I was surprised the day he came in with a gun. A week later a rock was thrown through the window. Then they came over the roof, came in and cleared us out. Business has dropped off. I guess people are skeptical about coming back."

Nathaniel Harper, 33, owner of the Excelsior Barber and Beauty Boutique at Minnesota and Good Hope Road SE: "There's lot of crime, but the small businesses are really hanging in. Even though it's a low-income neighborhood, there's some nice people here who get ignored by the people downtown. We're trying to stay and help the people who live around here."