The land and building housing a nursery school owned by Prince George's County Council Vice Chairman Floyd E. Wilson Jr. have been sold at a foreclosure auction after he and his estranged wife fell $15,627 behind in their mortage payments.

The sale on the Upper Marlboro courthouse steps Dec. 21, Wilson said yesterday, was part of a calculated move "to get some of the stockholders" out of the business.

The Hallmark Academy Children's Center, in which Wilson has a controlling interest, is a separate entity that continues to operate at the same Landover location but as tenant instead of property owner. The new owner is William F. Jarboe, holder of the foreclosed mortage.

Wilson's financial position has come into question before with previously published reports of $7,301 in federal tax liens and a bounced check for $124.40 that became the subject of a lwasuit. Both occurred in 1976.

Of the foreclosure, Wilson said it was the "feeling of the people in the corporation and the attorneys that this was the way to get things where we wanted." He would not elaborate.

"Things are very much all right. I don't have any problems," he said. "Everybody has difficulty from time to time. I don't feel I'm about to go bankrupt." The publicity, in county papers this week has been unfair and misleading, he said.

Wilson, 41, of Glenarden, was elected vice chairman of the Council earlier this month. His nursery school enterprises, however, have sparked controversy since he joined the Council in 1974.

In 1976, Wilson urged the County Council to abolish five county-operated day care centers and instead subsidize private nurseries such as his. Three weeks ago, Wilson voted with the Council majority to deny zoning to someone else's proposed day-care center he said was doomed to "failure" because of strong neighbourhood opposition.

Wilson said his day-care center, at 884 Adrwick-Ardmore Rd., currently has a "full enrollment" of 30 children whose parents pay $125 per month tuition.

"I don't know what purpose (publishing the information) serves other than to embarrass me and my family, he said. "Basically, I feel it's primarily because I'm black and somebody's out to get me. It's election time."