An escapee from a southeastern Virginia prison camp pleaded guilty yesterday to four charges in connection with the abduction of a Sussex County woman and the terrorizing of a Fairfax County family in September.

Jimmy Lee Pusey, 19, of Powhatan, Va., pleaded guilty in Fairfax County Circuit Court to robbery, use a felony and two counts of abduction.

Another escape, Richard G. Moxley, 20, of Hampton, Va., pleaded guilty last week to similar charges plus a charge of raping the Sussex County woman.

According to police, the two men went out in a state truck from the Southampton Correctional Center near Norfolk the morning of Sept. 25 to feed livestock, but never returned.

The two men went to the farm of the Sussex woman's relatives and drove away with her in the family pickup truck, police said.

They then drove about 150 miles to the Clifton area in southwestern Fairfax County. Armed with shotguns, they entered the home of Daniel A. Barley, tied up Barley, barricaded his wife and 9-year-old son in a closet and stole about $200, food and the Barley's car, police said. Barley was freed by his wife and called police, whoarrested Pusey and Moxley fater an extensive manhunt.