Most members of the District of Columbia's 36 Advisory Neighborhood Commissions were sworn into office at three separate ceremonies Tuesday.

However, a substantial number of ANC seats - as many as 62 out of the total 367 - will remain vacant, at least temporarily, because of electoral problems.

By the time of the swearing-in ceremonies, city officials had not determined how many seats could be considered legally vacant in order to begin the process of filling them.

Before the ceremonies, John R. Risher Jr., the city's corporation counsel and chief legal officer, issued a formal opinion barring ineligible persons from taking office as ANC members although they had been certified winners as those receiving the highest number of votes for seats in the Nov. 8 election.

As of last week, the city's Board of Elections had counted 24 such ineligible "winners." By Tuesday the number had grown to 33.

In addition, 13 apparent winners had not filed papers required to qualify them to take office and 16 tie votes remained unresolved.

Some of those tie votes were between persons who would be ineligible to serve and persons who would be legally eligible. The Board of Elections was faced with breaking ties that, in some instances, would have resulted in certifying more ineligible "winners."

Under District law, an ANC vacancy can be filled only if the person elected to the post in a general election later resigns or becomes disqualified to hold the office, usually by moving oiut of the ANC district. If it has been determined that no one had been legally elected to the post at the start of the term, a vacancy does not legally exist.

When a vacancy is declared, interested candidates may circulate petitions that permit their names to be considered and voted upon by other members of the ANC to which they desire election.

The ANCs were created by the city's 1975 Home Rule charter. The 36 separate commissions are charged with reviewing projects and proposals by the city government that affect their neighborhoods.

The swearing-in ceremonies Tuesday were conducted by three judges of the D.C. Superior Court - Annice McBride Wagner, Bruce Mencher and Gladys Kessler.

Following is a list of those certified by the Board of Elections before the swearing-in ceremonies. Districts in which no eligible winner was certified have been omitted. In each listing, the first number designates the election ward; the letter designates the ANC, and the second number designates the individual seat. For example, 3D12 means Ward 3, Commission D. Seat 12. WARD ONE

ANC IA-1A2, Azalien J. Hawkins; 1A3, Jesse Wheeler Jr.; 1A6, Marietta Smith; 1A7, Edgar P. Lee; 1A8, Jerry S. Cooper, 1A9. Barbara Anderson; 1A10, Walter Pinkney; 1A11, Monroe A. Bethea, and 1A12, Absalom F. Jordan Sr.

ANC 1B-1B1, Paul P. Pratt; 1B3, Clyde B. Howard Jr.; 1B7, Theresa Brown; 1B9, Lillian Tymus; 1B11, Wayne E. Edwards; 1B12, James W. Curry; 1B14, Gussie L. Jackson, and IB16, Anthony Hillary.

ANC 1C-1C1, Eudora W. Webster, 1C2, Kindy French; 1C3, Robert E. Love; 1C4, Ann H. Hargrove; 1C5, Eddie Montgomery; 1C6, Frank Smith Jr.; 1C7, Sherry L. Brown; 1C9, Edward G. Jackson Sr.; 1C10, John Jones; 1C11, Belinda J. Sheppard, and 1C12, Beulah L. Bullard.

ANC 1D-1D1, Margaret M. Johnston, and 1D2, Elaine M. Dym.

ANC 1E-1E1, Helen R. Keys; 1E2, Delphine D. Glaze; 1E3, Stanley K. Williams; 1E4, David L. Danner, and 1E5, Albert S. Munday. WARD TWO

ANC 2A-2A1, Ann Hume Loikow; 2A2, Diane H. Schilke; 2A3, Marthlu Bledsoe; 2A4, Harold H. Davitt; 2A5, Stephen A. Levy; 2A6, James Slicer, and 2A7, Kevin R. Callwood.

ANC 2B-2B1, Madeline S. DeLisle; 2B2, William G. Middleton Jr.; 2B3, James H. Oliver; 2B4, Marshall Ferrin; 2B5, Susan Meehan; 2B6, Ralph B. Bristol Jr.; 2B7, kenneth Rothschild; 2B8, George Y. Wheeler, and 2B9, Sophia Menatos.

ANC 2C-2C2, Thomas E. Lodge Jr.; 2C3, Gary A. Burns; 2C5, Mildred L. Edwards: 2C6, Eric D. Williams; 2C9, Margaret B. Cooper, 2C10, Albert D. Bartlett Jr.; 2C11, Samuel B. Fields; 2C12, Helen B. Kidd; 2C13. Edward H. Moore; 2C14 Linda Grigsby; 2C15, Audrey C. Thomas; 2C16, Guy Napper; 2C17, Loree Murray, and 2C19, Charles Richardson.

ANC 2D-2D1, Richard B. Westbrook; 2D2, Wesley H. Long; 2D3, Peggy D. Pinn; 2D4, Grace A. Savage; 2D5, Ethel J. Williams; 2D6, Clarence Green; 2D7, Wanda Gross; 2D8, Mattie E. Andrews, and 2D9, Priscilla E. Wilson. WARD THREE

ANC 3A-3A1, John F. Lauro; 3A2, Grace S. Lockwood; 3A3, Caren A. Pauley; 3A4, Sara C. Blunt; 3A5, William J. Hoff, and 3A6, Donald H. Shannon.

ANC 3B-3B1, Roger Mingo; 3B2, Chester L. Sturm; 3B3, Mark W. Looney; 3B4, Girard B. Davidson; 3B5, G. Lawrence Adams, and 3B6, Louis S. Aronica.

ANC 3C-3C1, Fred Pitts; 3C2, Ruth B. Haugen; 3C3, Bernard S. Arons; 3C4, Lindsley Williams; 3C5, Katherine V. Coram; 3C6, Kay C. McGrath; 3C7, Gary Kopff; 3C8, Wilma Martin; 3C9, Louis Rothschild, and 3C10, C. David Grinnell.

ANC 3D-3D1, Bertha Greenbaum; 3D2, Robert Kicherer; 3D3, John W. Gill; 3D5, Joel H. Gardner, and 3D7, Barbara G. Fant.

ANC 3E-3E1, Jack H. Mower; 3E2, Carol C. Gidley; 3E3, Lorraine K. Middleton; 3E4, Virginia S. Spevak, and 3E5, Barbara H. Blok.

ANC 3F-3F1, Joseph M. Coyle; 3F2, Stephen P. Belcher Jr.; 3F3, Jacob D. Kolker; 3F4, Janice B. Carmichael; 3F5, Cielle F. Block; 3F6, Marta A. Axford; 3F7, William M. Bartlett, and 3F8, Ruth P. Dixon.

ANC 3G-3G1, Eliza E. Callas; 3G2, Leslie A. Palmer; 3G3, Gail R. Carlson; 3G4, James J. Butera; 3G5, L. Bernice Degler; 3G6, Bruce I. Waxman; 3G7, Clinton B.D. Brown, and 3G8, Karl F. Mautner. WARD FOUR

ANC 4A-4A1, Laplois Ashford; 4A2, Margot C. Wahl; 4A3, Weldon D. Walker: 4A4, Hans L. Larsen; 4A6, Mary B. Wyatt; 4A7, Mary A. Branch, and 4A8, Theodore Prahinski.

ANC 4B-4B1, Sara D. Green; 4B2, Loretta F. Neumann; 4B4, Wesley W. Garrett; 4B5, Edward R. Hardy; 4B6, Carroll Reed; 4B7, J. Pericles McDuffie; 4B9, Lawrence E. Graves; 4B10, Johnie D. Wilson; 4B11, Dorothy Maultsby, and 4B12, Rose Ann Lee.

ANC 4C-4C1, Dorothy W. Jones; 4C2, Geneva R. Jones; 4C3, Leonard Madden; 4C4, Phyllis E. Young; 4C5, Zenobia C. Hart; 4C6, Elizabeth C. Stamp; 4C7 Velma V. Dzidzienyo; 4C8, Kevin D. Riddick; 4C9, C. Michael M. Burton, and 4C10. R. Townsend Robison.

ANC 4D-4D1, Jesse W. Brown; 4D2, Iris Carr; 4D3, Rosevelt Fuller; 4D4, Lorenzo Allen; 4D5, Juanita, Groves; 4D6, Mary E. Wilson; 4D7, Leonard S. Jones; 4D8, Lawrence E. Holmes; 4D10, Shervonne B. Johnson; 4D11, Norman C. Neverson, and 4D12, Joan McHenry Thomas. WARD FIVE

ANC 5A-5A1, Floyd A. McCaskill; 5A2, Wayne L. Davis; 5A3, Joseph L. Bowser Jr.; 5A4, Raymond L. Dickey; 5A5, Anthony D. Roberson; 5A6, Harry L. Thomas; 5A7, Douglas A. Daiss; 5A8, Lorraine J. Bess; 5A9, Robert I. Artisst; 5A10, Andrew P. Corley Jr.; 5A11, James A. Overby; 5A12, William E. Taylor, and 5A14, Mozelle E. Watkins.

ANC 5B-5B1, Horace M. Roberts; 5B2, Preston H. Hall; 5B3, Jocile A. Fowler; 5B4, Bernice C. Lewis; 5B5, John P. Bryant; 5B7; Virginia L. Hudson; 5B8, George A. Boyd; 5B10, Lewis E. Lindsey; 5B13, Helen Durham; 5B14, Helen J. Bulter, and 5B15, Norman E. Chichester.

ANC 5C-5C1, Leroy Harris; 5C2, Juanita C. Barfield; 5C3, Victor B. Blackburn; 5C4, Annie L. Britt; 5C5, Jessie L. Ayers; 5C6, Daniel L. Robinson; 5C7, John D. McArthur; 5C8, Edra R. Derricks, 5C9, Richard L. Sowell; 5C10 James E. Williams Jr.; 5C11, Brenda M. Green; 5C12, Virginia L. Mathews; 5C13, Robert E. Mason; 5C14, Lelia F. Peterbark; 5C15, Vivian C. Ashton, and 5C16, Estella E. Sims. WARD SIX

ANC 6A-6A1, Frances L. Queen; 6A3, Edna C. Yeager, 6A04, Robert Reid; 6A6, Alto V. Taylor, 6A7, Elizabeth Perry; 6A8, Rosetta W. Byrd; 6A9, Charlotte R. Holmes; 6A10, George E. Gurley; c A. Peterson; 6A13, Gail E. McHugh; 6A14, Daisy Powell; 6A15, Philip W. Ogilvie; 6A16, Nancy A. Carter, and 6A17, William H. Smith Jr.

ANC 6B-6B1, Janet R. Gordon; 6B2, Phoebe H. Bannister; 6B3, Roland W. Dority; 6B4, Johana E. McCarthy; 6B5, Jan. E. Eichhorn; 6B6, Peter A. Eveleth; 6B7; Lewis I. Baurer, 6B8, Kim R. Kihl; 6B9, Lonnie P. Neal; 6B10, James A. Campbell; 6B11, Margie R. Wilber; 6B12, Juanita W. Thomas; 6B13, Martha E. Queen; 6B14, Bernice Ward; 6B15, Chestie M. Graham, and 6B16, Gerald Brevard Sr.

ANC 6C-6C1, Varnetta H. Graydon; 6C5, Fannie Lomax; 6C6, William H. Kornegay; 6C7, James E. Nutall; 6C8, Ernest Darling; 6C9, Mary M. Campbell; 6C10, Paul A. Simms; 6C11, Lenora E. Eubanks, and 6C12, Evelyn H. Wagsstaff. WARD SEVEN

ANC 7A-7A1, Kimi O. Gray; 7A2, Rhuedine G. Davis; 7A3,Gregory Shumate; 7A5, Major L. Anderson, and 7A6, Shirley Poole.

ANC 7B-7B1, Barbara O. Hogan; 7B2, Maryland D. Kemp; 7B3, William Blount; 7B4, Wilmur A. Davis; 7B5, Robert W. Whiting; 7B6, James H. Hannaham; 7B7, William J. Hickey; 7B8, Joel E. McLeod Sr., and 7B9, Dennis R. Copeland.

ANC 7C-7C1, Henry A. Jones; 7C2, Carolyn W. Ricanek; 7C3, Walter E. Byard; 7C5, Willis P. Greener; 7C7, William O. Woodson, and 7C9, Mary L. Gaffney.

ANC 7D-7D1, Richard A. DeCarlo; 7D2, David O. Leacraft; 7D3, James A. Parks; 7D4, James F. Onley; 7D5, James L. Powell, and 7D7, Daisy S. Dulaney.

ANC 7E-7E2, Reginald C. Winter Jr.; 7E3, John C. Lormans; 7E6, Minnie C. Robinson; 7E7, Frank M. Perry, and 7E10, Calvin E. Lindo.

ANC 7F-7F1, Joseph O. Thompson Sr.; 7F3, Barbara A. Newby; 7F5, Doris Y. Smalley, and 7F6, Willie Weeks Jr. WARD EIGHT

ANC 8A-8A1, Jean B. Stryjewski; 8A2, Glenda J. Richmond; 8A3, Michael A. Wheeler; 8A4, William C. Larkins; 8A5, Almore M. Dale; 8A6, Barbara J. Valentine; 8A8, Linda H. Moody, and 8A9, James K. Artis Sr.

ANC 8B-8B2, James J. Thomas 8B5, Viola M. Bowen; 8B6, James Williams; 8B8, Marie W. Patterson, and 8B9, Howard Smith.

ANC 8C-8C2, Alethea W. Campbell; 8C3, John T. Turman; 8C5, Gwendolyn S. Carter, and 8C6, Kellis P. Sylvester.

ANC 8D-8D1, Lloyd T. Logan; 8D2, David A. Lyon; 8D3, Bertha Graves; 8D4, Michael Wasilow; 8D5, Leigh Stinner; 8D8, Willie A. Mayers; 8D9, O.V. Johnson; 8D10, Maxine D. Sutton, and 8D11, Vivian A. Sellers.