Alexandria Police chief Charles T. Strobel, in an effort to increase productivity and put more uniformed officers on the street, announced last week the first of what are expected to be several department reorganizations.

Strobel announced the establishment of the Field Operations Bureau to coordinate the activities of the formerly independent criminal investigations, uniformed patrol and special operations divisions.

Captain Clyde Scott, 38, has been promoted to deputy chief of police and will head the new bureau. During his 19 years with the Alexandria force, Scott has served with all three of the divisions that will make up the new bureau.

"All three (divisions) will complement one another as opposed to their doing their se parate thing," Strobel said in an interview."

The police chief said a major reason for the changes is to give the beat officers an opportunity to experience every aspect of police work. In that way, Strobel added, the department's top command will consist of men who have been exposed to all circumstances during their rise through the ranks.

Strobel, who became police chief Sept. 1, also announced that he will continue efforts to hire civilians for supervisory and clerical work wherever possible. Strobel siad that thus far four uniformed officers have been relieved of office jobs and returned to street patrol, and he hoipes that the figure will go to 16 withing the next yeat and a half.

"We can hire capable and qualified civilians to perform the same functions at a much lesser cost to the department," Strobel said. He explained that the fringe benefits paid to sworn officers are 27 per cent higher than those paid to the department's civilian employees.

Strobel's reorganization also creates an Adminstrative Services Department that will be headed by Mark Canoyer, 33, a civilian who has served as the department's legal adviser. Canoyer, whose office will be staffed largely by civilians, will be responsible for preparing the departmen's budget as well as personnel and legal matters.