The 35-acre site selected for the controversial Rolling Road Estates development is forested with oak, beech and poplars. A growing industrial park borders the land on the north, and the rest is surrounded by woods.

A site plan for the project shows four clusters of four and five townhouses arranged around parking lots that branch off from a main road.Wooded land surrounds the townhouses and lines the main road, according to the plan.

David Small of Pittsburgh, head of Hosing Affiliates Inc., the company which would develop the project, said the townhouses would stand on between 22 to 25 acres of the 35 acres site. The remaining acreage would be left as open space, for recreation, nature trails and the like. Some of the land, probably four or five acres, would be donated to the county as a park, he said. Boulder'strewn Pohick Creek which runs through the property would be left as it is.

Small said there would be one basketball court, one tennis court, several tot lots scattered around the property and a community building with a kitchen, bathroom and large meeting room that could be used for clinics or recreation.

Full-time maintenance personnel would live on the site, he said.

"Probably it would be couple, where the man takes over the mechanical jobs and the woman sort of manages the project. Maybe we would have more than one couple, I don't know yet," Small said. "This couple arrangement is a technique that has worked very successful in past developments I've done."

Small, who estimates he has built between 40 and 50 public housing projects, said his management personnel may come from the Pittsburgh-based Contract Services Inc. or Regional Sales Inc.

Rents for the townhouses, in a company where the median price for a house is $65,000, would run about $460 for a two-bedroom townhouse, $500 for a three-bedroom townhouse and $600 for a four-bedroom unit, Small sai. Renters would pay 25 per cent of their annual income to live in the development.

According to floor plans, the two-bedroom units have a combined dining-kitchen area, a living room, concrete patio and upstairs bathroom. The three-bedroom units, in addition, have a foyer, a laundry room and a downstairs bathroom. The four-bedroom units also include a family room and larger living room.