There are 10 metropolitian police boys and girls clubs, located, police say, so that every youth in Washington is within a 10-minute drive of one.

Their principal appeal is as a social gathering place, and for basketball, football and baseball leagues organized according to ages, weights and heights. Each club, for instance, has five football teams, and they play the teams from other clubs. Girls teams were added recently.

The operation involves about 40 policemen full time plus a group of volunteers. The budget was about $750,000 last year, donated by citizens, businessmen, foundations and charities.

The 10 faiclities range from the modern club at 620 Milwaukee Pl. SE, with its indoor basketball courts, arts and crafts room, game, television room and library, to 251 V St. NW, a dilapidates basement near Howard University.

A drive is underway to raise $5 million for construction of eight new clubs, which would replace all those except the one on Milwaukee Place. So far $1.8 million has been raised. Officials are in the process of selecting sites, and there are no plans yet to break ground for replacement clubs with the money raised.

Equipment is suspposed to be distributed to each of the clubs equally, but officials say there isn't enough sports equipment at any of the clubs to accommodate youngsters who want to play.