Stolen equipment capable of producing phony Maryland drivers' licenses was recovered during a search of a home in Bowie early yesterday by police investigating what they said was a scheme to pass bad checks in the Washington area.

Prince George's County police spokesman Sgt. Robert Law said the seizure of a quantity of blank checks plus the recovery of a Polaroid camera, a plastic laminating device and license application blanks that were stolen in October from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration resulted from a county police investigation of several house breakings in Prince George's and Anne Arundel counties.

Law said three suspects - an adult and two juveniles - being sought by Maryland authorities allegedly involved in a scheme to pass bogus checks throughout the Washington area.

Law said county police, along with Maryland state investigators were able to pinpoint the location of the stolen equipment following a tip from a Bowie juvenile questioned in connection with the housebreakings.

A Maryland state police spokesman said the Motor Vehicle Administration was forced to recall all driver permits starting with validation numbers of 033 following the theft of the agency's equipment. Maryland State Police spokesman Sgt. Thomas Moore said local merchants should also be aware that any driver's permit with a 033 number is invalid.

Moore said no one was arrested at the Bowie home because its residents apparently were holding sealed boxes for a juvenile acquaintance without knowing what was in them.