A new Canadian evangelical magazine, Faith Today, reports a "quiet revival" going on in the province of Quebec.

Editor and publisher Leslie K. Tarr says that news of a steady influx of adults under age 35 into churches in Quebec has been overshadowed by accounts of the Quebec separatists.

The inaugural issue of the magazine says that in the past 10 years conservative evangelicals report mushrooming churches across Quebec without regard to denominational affiliation. Faith Today says the quiet revival is centered on small cell groups that meet for prayer and Bible study.

The largest growth among evangelicals in Quebec is reported by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, says Faith Today, with 60 new assemblies boasting 1.500 participants and 93 fulltime workers.

Ninety per cent of Quebec's population is nominally Catholic, of which the new magazine says only one third attend church regularly.

Tarr says that the Catholic Church itself is undergoing a revival that he calls "the largest per capita Catholic charismatic movement" in the world.

Last year, the magazine says, more than 40,000 Catholic charismatics jammed a stadium and made a strong appeal to Roman Catholics to return to a more personal focus on religion and urging independent Bible study.

The Canadian Bible Society reports that it cannot keep up with the demand for French translations of the Bible, particularly the gospels, the magazine says. The Gideons, it says, have placed 24,000 bilingual Bibles in Quebec hotels and another 9,700 in hospitals. They have also distributed 130,000 New Testaments in Roman Catholic schools in the province.