When he heard the rap on the door of the 20th Century Tourist Home on North Capitol Street early yesterday morning, manager Alexander Timmons Jr. said he looked out a window onto the dimly lit porch and saw what he thought was a man and a woman with her hair in a "boyish bob". He let them in, he said.

As it turned out, District of Columbia police said later, the woman was a man wearing a wig and the two were armed with small handguns. Before they left the tourist home, police said, the men robbed Timmons, shot him in the hip, robbed some of the guests and raped a woman.

It was about 3:30 a.m., Timmons said, when he unlocked the door to the three-story brick tourist home to admit the couple, whom he took to be in search of a room. "They just rushed in," Timmons said and forced him to turn around whereupon he was shot in the hip.

"This is it . . . where is the money?" one of the men asked, Timmons said. He said he gave the holdup men the cash he kept in a "hiding place" in the home.

The men then forced Timmons to accompany them as they started knocking on guest rooms in the house, police said.

From one room, Timmons said, the robbers took money from a couple and then "told them to get back in bed and don't move."

From there, the men and Timmons, went to a second floor where they took money and a woman's wristwatch from another couple, a 57-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman, who were dressed and about to leave the room, according to Timmons.

According to police, each of the holdup men then raped the woman guest. Timmons said he and he woman's male campanion were forced to remain on the bed in the room while the woman was assaulted on the floor.

Timmons said the gunmen then forced him back downstairs, searched (See HOME, B2, Col. 4> for additional money, ordered him into a room at the home, located at 2000 North Capitol St. NW and fled.

When the couple left, the man he once thought was a woman was still wearing the wig, Timmons said.

Timmons, 38, who lives on Wiltberger Street NW, was treated at Washington Hospital Center and released a spokeswoman there said.

According to police, about $138 was stolen in the robbery.