A second suspect pleaded guilty yesterday to maiming and robbery in the throat slashings of four persons who were accosted and robbed in a Fairfax county apartment last August.

Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge William G. Plummer accepted the pleas from Phillip A. Boyd, 18, of Vienna, after reviewing the eight-page transcript of a statement in which Boyd told police he and four other men entered the third-floor apartment at 9136 Barrick St. because "they were ready to make some money."

Boyd said in the statement he slashed the throats of the apartment's four occupants because one of his companions told him to do it and he was afraid.

Andrew E. Porter, 19, of Landover, pleaded guilty last month to maiming, attempted abduction, robbery and using a firearm during the commission of a felony in connection with the incident. Neither he nor Boyd has been sentenced yet. Each could receive up to life in prison.

Four other suspects, charged with robbery, have not yet been tried.

In the statement reviewed by the judge yesterday, Boyd said that last Aug. 28 he was "in bed sleeping and [Porter] woke me up and told me there were four dudes out in the car and they were ready to make some money." Boyd said he was asked if he knew anyone they could get money from, "and I told 'em 'yeah' and I got in the car with 'em," according to the statement.

Boyd said in the statement the group drove to the building where his mother lived and went to one of the apartments there. Finding its door unlocked, Boyd said in the statement, they pushed it open and entered.

Inside, according to police, were Stephen Dowell, 20, Laura Bonbere, 18 Debra Telford, 20, and David C. Perash, 20. Dowell lived in the apartment and the others were visiting.

Boyd said he and his companions were armed with a tommy gun, a .357 magnum revolver, and .22-

As he and Porter searched a bedroom, Boyd said in the statement, Porter asked what they should do with the apartment's occupants.

"I told him, you know I ain't know, just don't do no shooting 'cause you know, well get caught," Boyd said.

When a police interrogator asked Boyd why he cut the throats of the apartment's occupants, Boyd replied in the statement, "I don't know. I told 'em that I was going to cut them and like that and then I frozen up on 'em and the other dude told me to go ahead and cut 'em. 'Go ahead,' just like that, and 'cut the jugular' thing. So I got paranoid and I just started cutting 'em."

Boyd said he used a steak knife from the apartment's kitchen to cut the throats.

When asked by police if he cut the throats because he feared that the apartment occupants would identify him, Boyd replied, "No, it wasn't that. I cut them because I was scared, 'cause I ain't know what they would do to me if I didn't."

Police said Debra Telford was later able to free herself and call for help. She and the three other victims in the apartment during the attack have recovered.

Boyd is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 10.