Montgomery County residents opposed to plans for placing a garbage landfill in a residential neighborhood have begun a petition drive to put the issed on the ballot next November.

Robin Ficker, one of the residents leading the drive, said the petition seeks to amend the county charter to prohibit the county government from spending any money for a refuse disposal facility in an area that is zoned for residences.

The county must select a site by June 1 to replace the Gude-Southlawn landfill in Rockville, which will reach it maximum capacity by 1982.

Three sites are under consideration: At Rte. 108 and Doresey Road in Laytonsville; at Rte 108 and Riggs Road, also in Laytonsville and at Persimmon Tree Road and Bradley Boulevard in Potomac. All three sites are next to residential area and have been bitterly contested by residents of Laytonsville and Potomac.

Ficker said the citizens conducting the petition drive are a broadly based group that is opposed to landfills in any residential area. About 1,000 signatures have been collected since the drive began about a week ago. Ten thousand signatures are needed by July 31 in order to get the issue on th ballot.

The petitions are being circulated at Montgomery Mall, White Flint, White Oak Shopping Center, the Montgomery Village Shopping Center and downtown areas of Silver Spring and Bethesda. Some citizen activists have been taking the petitions to homes in several neighborhoods, Ficker said.

Meanwhile, Montgomery County Delegates Jerry Hyatt and Joel Chasnoff have introduced a bill in the General Assembly to prevent the county from placing a landfill in any areas except those that are zoned for high intensity industrial development.