"What would you like the city government to do for Washingtonians in 1978?"

Kenneth Tucker, 26, security guard,resident at 12th and H Sts. NE: "Cut down on that parking! They're crushing us on that parking. A person can't double park for a second to let someone out. That parking is ridiculous! I've actually seen police walk up and down this street and watch the meters turn red. It's harassment now."

Dennis B. Golabek, 43, educational supervisor, 11th and F St. NW: "We (the D.C. Public school system) have a student-managed, student-organized, management-training concept called Interhigh Connection. Students create projects and retail them. We're looking for more input from the Redevelopment Land Agency in providing sites for further expansion."

Wilbert C. Carter Jr., 35, FAA employee at National Airport, resident at 7th and Missouri NW: "I'd like for Mayor Washington to have the city government write the government about getting our pay checks on time. I'd also like to have a baseball team here. I can't understand the nation's capital can't have a baseball team when they have football and basketball teams."

Michael Gilchrist, 18, student at Dunbar High School, resident at 9th St. and Jefferson Ave. NW: "They need to do something about more jobs for people out of work. And they should come down a little (on property taxes) for people who pay a lot of property taxes on houses."

Maraget Kincaid, 52, building attendant for the C&P Telephone Company, resident at Georgia Ave. and Kennedy St. NW: "They have a lot of open (abandoned) buildings and I would like to seem them do something about them. We could also stand a better City Council. I think home rule could be improved."

George Carter, 66, retired teacher, resident at 14th and T Sts. NW: "The only thing I can say is, the people must become more conscious of government ineffectiveness and marshal against it."

Mildred Holmes, 43, cook, resident at 6th and Lamont NW: "We need more houses for low-income people, better street protection and better schools."