Residents of a condominium in Laurel were surprised recently when their trash collector notified them he would no longer pick up their trash because his bill had not been paid for five months.

Then the 56 members of the Andover Heights Condominium Association got a warning from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission that their water would be turned off unless its bill were paid.

The residents went to their treasurer to find out what was being done with the $25-a-month condominium fees they were paying to meet the costs of trash removal and water service.

On Wednesday, a Prince George's County grand jury indicted the treasurer, David Marcus, 33, of 8480 Imperial Dr., on a charge of embezzling $11,315 of the condominium association [TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE]

The indictment accuses Marcus of embezzling the monthly fees from July, 1976, to last September.

Marcus who had served on the association's board for two years and was last year's president, "was one of the last people we'd expect to do something like this," said one resident who lives in the condominium complex. "We see him every day and talk with him . . ."

Howard E. Goldman, Marcus's attorney, said his client had paid back approximately 70 per cent of the money he is accused of embezzling before any of the condominium association members became concerned.

"Hopefully we will be able to vindicate David from this quagmire," Goldman said.