The Rev. Charles A. Perry, who has been executive officer of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington for the past seven years, was elected yesterday to the newly created post of provost of the Washington Cathedral.

Yesterday's action by the cathedral chapter (board of directors) will further the efforts of Episcopal Bishop John T. Walker to link the cathedral more closely to the diocese.

With the retirement earlier this week of the Very Rev. Francis B. Sayre Jr., as the long-time dean of the cathedral, Bishop Walker assumes the deanship of the cathedral as well asbeing head of the diocese.

Under the new arrangement, Canon Perry will divide his time between the diocese and the cathedral. "He will run the for me," was the way Bishop Walker explained the arrangement yesterday.

Both the bishop and Canon Perry will be included frequently in the cathedral's preaching schedule, along with the other staff members and guest preachers.

Under the charter of the Washington Episcopal Diocese, the cathedral is defined as "the chief mission church of the diocese," and in its early days, the bishop of hte diocese was at the same time the cathedral dean.

Under the 27-year leadership of Dean Sayre, however, the cathedral increasingly took on a role of its own.

At the same time, efforts to push forward the cathedral's construction amassed an $11 million debt, which Bishop Walker has acknowledged is a factor in the decision not to replace Dean Sayre at this time.

Before entering Virginia Theological Seminary to begin his study for the ministry, Canon Perry was for seven years the congressional liaison officer and public information officer of the United States Atomic Energy Commission.

He also has done advanced study in public administration, and has served as industrial consultant to some of the nation's major corporations.

Episcopal sudents at Indiana University from 1968 to 1971.

Canon Perry will peach his first sermon at the cathedral as provost and will be formally installed in his new post on Marych 12.

Before coming to Washington, he was rector of Trinity Church in Bloomington, Ind. and chaplain to [TEXT OMMITTED FROM SOURCE]