Motorists in all three Washington area jurisdictions may be ticketed during snow emergency periods if they obstruct or impede traffic and lack snow tires or chains, officials said yesterday.

Exact regulations and amounts of collateral that must be posted vary among the jurisdictions.

In the District of Columbia, motorists lacking snow tires in snow emergency periods and who impede traffic flow or become involved in accidents may be ticketed and required to post $50 collateral.

In Maryland, state law applicable to all counties make motorists impeding traffic during snow emergencies liable for a ticket requiring $30 collateral, authorities said.

Fairfax and Arlington Counties and the city of Alexandria all have their own regulations, officials said. During any snowfall in Fairfax County, persons impeding traffic on marked primary and secondary roads are liable to receive a ticket requiring $25 collateral if they lack snow tires or chains.

Under current regulations in Arlington motorists who impede traffic and lack snow tires or chains during emergency periods are liable for $33 collateral. The County Council is to consider a new ordinance Thursday night.

In Alexandria, motorists who impede traffic and lack snow tires during emergency periods also are liable for $33 collateral, officials said.

Officials said that radial tires are not considered snow tires unless specifically marked as such.