"Has the District school system prepared you for what you want to do after graduation?". Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to Roosevelt High School to ask students their views. Roger Wilmore, 18, senior, resident at Park Place and Quebec Street NW: "It's done a lot for me. I got my education, good grades and I'm going to go to college. I want to study law. I believe I'm prepared for entrance into college." Herbert Bell, 17, senior, resident at North Capitol and Buchanan streets, NE: "I want to be an accountant and I think (Roosevelt) has helped me a lot, especially in math. We also had special assignments in English and we're doing reports now. The way we're doing them I've learned a lot (about English)." Darryl Wallace, 17, junior, resident at 14th and Hamilton streets NW: "At first I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do. I started taking electronics in the 10th grade. Now I find that's what I want to do." Renne Hall, 17, senior, resident at 13th and Madison streets NW: "I think it's preparing me. But I'd like to continue my education after high school to get a better job and better pay. I want to be a psychologist." Tajuana Roberts, 18, senior, resident at 9th and Farragut streets NW: "I'm making electronics in school. I want to work with computers and learn how to fix them. This is my first year in electronics, but I think the school is preparing me for what I want to do." Gwendolyn Byrd, 17, senior, resident at 8th and Decatur streets NW: "As far as the courses I'm taking they're all right. I want to go into the business field. I think the math courses I've taken have prepared me for the basics." Darlene Hatchett, 17, senior, resident at 2nd and Jefferson streets NW: "This school hasn't. We need some new teachers up here for one thing. Some of them are too old.I want to be a physical therapist, but they can't train you for nothing like that up here. After I graduate I guess I'll just go to a school where I can take up physical therapy."