Former United Mine Workers boss W.A. (Tony) Boyle was hospitalized yesterday, suffering a possible heart attack and smoke inhalation.

The 76-year-old Boyle, on retrial here for the murder of a union rival, was hospitalized after an oil burner at the Media Inn caught fire. A policeman described the blaze as very minor.

One of Boyle's attorneys, A. Charles Peruto, told reporters he took his client to the hospital after consulting with Judge Francis Catania, who is presiding at the retrial. Boyle has been staying at the inn since the court proceedings began Jan. 16. A courthouse spokesman said Catania was waiting for a doctor's report before deciding when to resume the trial.

Boyle is accused of plotting the assassination of Joseph (Jock) Yablonski, Yablonski's wife, Margaret, and their daughter, Charlotte, on Dec. 31, 1969.

A Riddle Memorial Hospital spokesman said Boyle was suffering from a possible myocardial infraction (heart attack) and smoke inhalation. "Mr. Boyle was choking and coughing when he arrived," she said.

Boyle, who has a history of high blood pressure and stomach ailments, was hospitalized last fall with chest pains, disrupting his first murder retrial,scheduled after a successful defense appeal.