A Gum Springs man who answered his front door late Monday night was hit by a shotgun blast fired through the front door, Fairfax County police reported yesterday.

Michael King, 30, who lives on El Camino Place, was listed in good condition yesterday at Mount Vernon Hospital with a wound in his left shoulder.

Police said King gave this account of the shooting: He and his wife, Jodie, were upstairs in their apartment getting ready for bed about 11:45 p.m. when the doorbell downstairs rang.

King went downstairs, looked through the peephole in his front door and saw a strange man in a brown stocking cap and brown trench coat. Thinking the man might need help, King told police he opened the front door. The man in the trench coat then yelled, "Get back man!" and raised a shotgun.

King slammed the door, locked it and attempted to lie flat on the floor, police said. The shotgun blast then struck him.

Police said there may have been two men outside King's door involved in the shooting, but no motive could be immediately determined. Neighbors reported seeing the man flee in the large sedan that was idling outside the apartment when the gun was fired, police said.