"Last summer the District's free health clinics began charging for services. How do you feel about the change?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the Northwest Health Center to ask patients their views.

Marvin Boddie, 36, construction worker, resident at 38th and New Hampshire Avenue NW:

"It think we need a free clinic for the people who need these type of services. I guess services here are about the same (as any place else):The important thing is having a place for persons who are unable to pay.";

Benny Freeman, 19, business school major, resident at 18th Street and Columbia Road NW: "It should have remained a free clinic. (The services are) worth it. This is my second time coming back and they lost my chart and had to run some tests over again. The billing, that's going to be the bad part about it.";

Leslie Hooper, 23, unemployed, resident at 10th and Lamont streets NW: "Its cool to me. The price is just right. The clinic's convenient - within walking distance.";

Rogers Isaac, 54, retired, resident at 18th and Ridge Place SE: "I feel all right about it myself. I don't mind being charged for services.";

Ricky Leatherwood, 22, unemployed, resident at 6th and Morton streets NW: "I feel like it should be a free clinic. It's convenient and the services are good. They didn't say nothing about paying though.";

Sherman Moore, 22, truck driver, resident at 5th and E streets NE: "I don't think they should charge. Some people can't pay as much (as others). Too many people don't have so much. I also think the prices are too high.";

Kevin Richardson, 17, student at McKinley High School, resident at 42nd Street and Southern Avenue SE: "I think if it was set up as a free clinic it should have stayed a free clinic. You have the senior citizens who don't have much and try to find the best medical care than can. You need someplace for them."