"What improvements would you like to see made at the Brentwood Shopping Center?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the area to ask residents their views.

Harold R. Perry, 40, co-owner of the Brentwood Village Shopping Center, 13th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NE: "We are presently trying to develop the shopping center itself. We've run into all kinds of brick walls in getting the District government to give us some assistance.We've been trying to develop the shopping center since 1975."

Mry E. Smith, 60, housewife, resident at 23rd Street and South Dakota Avenue NE: "It would be nice to have a clothing store and we need a drugstore. We used to have a drug store but we don't have one now."

Harvey Walker, 43, parking lot attendant, resident at 12th and Brentwood NE: "We need better management. I know we need a drug store and we need a doctor's center up here. Anytime someone gets hurts in the vicinity they have to call an ambulance or run over to the fire department."

Carol Jackson, 24, office worker, resident at 13th and Clifton NW: "They could fix up the movie theater, turn it into a real nice theater. We could also use a nice sitdown restaurant. And they should re-open the drug store."

Genevia Austin, 20, student, resident at 14th and Saratoga NE: "We need a bigger supermarket and we need a drug store. We have to go to 4th and Rhode Island Avenue, 10 blocks away, to a drug store. They could put a theater here, too."

Eddie Watkins, 34, truck driver for a city agency, resident at 10th and Jackson NE: "They could fix it up. Put in a movie theater and everything like it was at first. There used to be a bowling alley and different sports activities. They don't have that now. Seems like things have dried out."

james W. Morgan, 50, police officer, resident at 13th and Bryant Street: "I'd like to see it fixed-up into a modern neighborhood.

There's also a problem with parking. The parking lot could be expanded."