The Fairfax County Police Department has agreed to pay $25,000 to a woman whose husband was shot to death by a county policeman following a high-speed chase last year.

As a result of the out-of-court settlement filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria this week, Beverly Fay Hardy, of Falls Church, will receive $15,958.30, and her attorney, A. Albert Balvase, will receive 9,041.70 in attorney's fees and expenses for the death of Thomas E. Hardy, 22, according to court records.

Part of the settlement states that neither side admits liability in the incident and that there was no finding of liability made by a court.

According to stipulated facts filed in court last Feb. 18, Hardy was driving on Rte.I-66 when a police car signaled him to pull over for speeding. Hardy drove faster, according to an affidavit of Michael A. Freeman, who was seated in Hardy's 1970 red and white Mercury Cougar.

Freeman said he didn't know why Hardy tried to elude police.

The chase, which reachde about 90 mph, according Freeman occurrred on Rte. 66, Rte. 495 and Rte. 7 and ended at Hardy's uncle's home at 1904 Dogwood La. in Fairfax.

Hardy jumped out of the car and started running behind the house, officer David Stopper said in an affidavit. Hardy tripped and fell. Another police officer ordered Hardy to lie spread-eagled on the ground, but instead Hardy jumped up, tried to grab the officer's gun, and Stopper shot him, according to Stopper's statement.

Hardy's widow had originally asked for an award of $3 million.