"Are some foods priced too high for you to purchase?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to a supermarket in Northeast to ask shoppers their views.

Lillian Bennett, housewife, 57, resident on Trinidad Avenue NE: "I feel like they've gone extremely high on vegetables, fruits, pork, roast. I don't buy much meat. I'm becoming a vegetarian mostly."

Sherry Brown, 30, housewife, resident at 28th and Newton NE: "Whenever (a food) is too expensive, like lamb or rib roast, I don't buy it. Now there's a thrift place I go to and I can get coffee $2 cheaper. I go to 50 different places to save money."

Keith Harris, 18, student, resident at 13th and Webster NE: "Definitely! I like fish and beef. Beef is so high you just can't afford to buy it. I shop around. The price of orange juice shocks me."

Barbara Hill, unemployed, resident at Eastern Avenue and Riggs Road NE: "A lot of the prices are too high. I do comparison shopping because I have the time. There's some things that are too high, like paper items. So I always buy them on sale in the drug store."

Charles Merrill, 77, retired, resident at 21st Street NE: "It's (all) too high because I'm retired, The meat and canned goods are especially high. I have to shop around, and some of it you have to leave alone."

Jennie Palade, 80, retired, resident at 15th and Evartes streets NE: "Everything is too high. I used to buy sugar for three cents a pound. I buy what I can. What I can't just don't buy. Like instead of butter you buy margarine, and even that's getting up to a dollar a pound."

A. Starkey, retired, resident at 7th and Franklin NE: "They're awful! Everytime you go into the store something changes. The prices in here today will be changed tomorrow. The senior citizens can't afford the ham and the beef."