A new Christian organization has been set up to combat racism on a national scale in Great Britain.

Backed by church leaders, the organization, "Christians Against Racism and Fascism," was formed recently at an assembly organized by the British Council of Churches' race relations unit at the London headquaters of the Society of Friends (Quakers).

Special targets of the organization are the National Front political party - Britain's fourth largest party, which is growing in strength - and other right-wing groups.

The National Front has campaigned against millions of nonwhites who have immigrated to Britain or been born there since World War 11.

In the past few years, many British church leaders and groups have attacked racism in individual speeches and statements. Formation of the organization marks the first time they have united to single out a political party.

The London assembly was attended by 150 Anglicans, Methodists, Roman Catholics and representatives of other churches through Britain.

The new organization aims to combat racism ideologies through an educational and publicity campaign.

Earlier, the British Council of Churches, whose members include every major Anglican, Protestant, and Orthodox Church in Britain, adopted a six-point statement that declared:

'We believe the racial activities of the National Front and other similar bodies are entirely contrary to the truth of the Gospel and contrary to the true interests of this nation."