A 69-year-old grandmother was stabbed to death and her 45-year-old daughter was fatally shot Thursday night at 1028 47th Pl. NE. D.C. police reported.

According to police, Odessa H. Pulliam, the older woman, was found in a pool of blood with a deep gash running across her throat. Police said she was dead when they arrived at the house. She was pronounced deat at the D.C. morgue at 2:30 a.m.

Her daughter, Dorothy, 45, was shot several times, police said, and was taken to Howard University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 3 a.m.

Police said they were seeking several suspects in the slaying, but had no motive. Det. Tom Kilcullen said some articles had been taken from the house after the killings.

According to neighbors, one of Cooper's daughters and the latter's two young children, 4 months and 6 years, were in the hosue at the time of the slaying. The youngsters were not harmed, nor was their mother.

Geneva Dues, who lives at 1022 47th Pl. NE, three doors from the scence of the slayings, said the youngsters who were in the house at the time are her grandchildren.

George Braham, who lives at 1038 47th Pl. NE, said that the neighborhood is usually a "very quiet place; we might have a robbery here once in a blue moon."

According to neighbors' accounts to a reporter, six persons lived in the house where the slayings occurred - the victims, Cooper's two daughters and the two children of one of the daughters.

Yesterday the wooden door to the house was covered with D.C. police stickers declaring the house to be a crime scene. Two U.S Marine emlems also were on the door, Neighbors said Cooper's son, Jimmy, joined the Marine Corps two years ago.

The house is a semidetached two-story red brick structure with a green-and-white metal awing over the door.

"They were ordinary people," said the neighbor of the victims. "Good, ordinary people. It's a shame. The whole neighborhood is in shock."