A search committee seeking a replacement for President Wilson H. Elkins of the University of Maryland will submit four names to the university's board of regents as recommended candidates for the post.

The four, all senior administrators at other state universities, were culled from about 300 nominations in an exhaustive screening process that has gone one since September.

There are:

John S. Toll, president of the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a former head of the physics department at Marylands College Park campus. Under Tolls leadership at Maryland - from the mid 1950s until 1965 - the physics department evolved into one of the top academic departments on campus and one of the most prestigious in the nation.

David P. Gardner, president of the University of Utah and a former vice president of the University of California at Berkeley.

Stanley O. Ikenberry, senior vice president of Pennsylvania State University.

Merlin K. DuVal, vice president for health sciences at the University of Arizona and a former assistant secretary of Health, Education and Welfare.

A fifth candidate, President C. Peter McGrath of the University of Minnesota was also nominated by the 26-member search committee, but he has since said he is not interested in the Maryland job.

Since September, the search process has been conducted in an atmosphere of secrecy, but Thursday the Baltimore Evening Sun published the names of the candidates. B. Herbert Brown, chairman of the search committee and of the board of regents, would not discuss the committees recommendations yesterday, but the identities were confirmed elsewhere.