Christina, the young Polish gypsy, who has been in the D.C. jail since last April while the matter of her age was debated in the court, was released to the custody of her parents yesterday less than three hours after the case was transferred from the adult to the juvenile division of D.C. Superior Court.

The transfer came after the D.C. the government had failed to prove that Christina, which her father says is not her real name, was old enough to be tried as an adult on burglary charges.

The gypsy, who has no formal proof of her age other than some immigration papers, contends she was 14 years old - a juvenile - when she was arrested on the charges in April 1975.

Christina's attorney, former Superior Court Judge Harry T. Alexander, said he urged a family division judge to release Christina so that she could live with her parents in New York and attend a funeral in Chicago for an 8-year-old cousin who was recently struck and killed by a truck.

The gypsy is scheduled to appear in court March 21. Christina had been detained in the city jail on a $75,000 bond. With her case now in the juvenile court, she faces less severe penalties, if convicted, than if she were tried as an adult.