The Arlington Agency on Aging provided more tha 17,000 hot meals a day to elderly Northern Virginians at two nutrition centers in fiscal 1977. In addition two new centers were opened in fical 1978 to meet the needs of more seniors for surroundings, the agency reported last week at its first public hearing.

Connie McAdams, chief of the county recreation division council of citizens that the first nutrition program in Arlington served an average of 35 seniors and now accommodates more than 100 seniors five days a week.

The program, financed with federal funds, offers "nutrition and survival" for its beneficiaries, she said. "It is our dream to open seven days benefit from a "better outlook on life - they walk better and feel better," she added.

Only one critical note was sounded by a woman who said that food at Gunston nutrition center is " too heavy, too starchy" for elderly adults. Rigdon assured the audience that "there will be change."

Karen Evans, AAA executive, said the agency came into being in October 1976 and supplements the work of other local public and private organizations in serving the elderly. She listed the following programs supported by the AAA and other local agencies:

.Serving one hot meal a day, fice days a week, plus a "considerable range" of educational, recreational and health - related activities are offered under Title VII of the Older Americans Act. Centers are at Drew Model School, 3500 24th St. South; Gunston COmmunity Center, 2700 S. Lang St! Thomas Jefferson Community Center, 125 Old S. Glebe Road; Wilson Senior Adult Center, 1601 Wilson Blvd Arlington.

.Transportation to meal sites or to the homes of shut - ins is provided under the law for those who need it. Also supported in part are the Red Cross transportation program, in which volunteers take elderly persons to do grocery shopping and to keep medical appointments, and transportation by wheelchair van for some of those in the Department of Human Resources day - care program for the elderly and handicapped.

.Other grant programs include financial support for courses on aging in cooperation with local colleges and universities. Funds for part - time employment in community service persons over 55.

AAA will ask the Arlington County Board to approve operating budgets of $93,500 for fiscal 1978 and $87,800 for quest for $87,500.

The hearing was held at Arlington Red Criss headquarters to help the advisory council prepare its annual plan for services to Arlington elders.