A bill that would have extended the hours during which dancing is allowed in Prince George's clubs and restaurants was withdrawn from the County Council this week by its author, David G. Hartlove, because of lack of support.

"My understanding was that I would bring up this bill (before the council) patriding the licensees show support [WORD ILLEGIBLE] said Hartlove. "But at no time [WORD ILLEGIBLE] anyone appeared before us in work sessions to show support or interest in this except the opposition," he added.

The bill, which would have allowed dancing in clubs until 3 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday to make the dancing deadline conform to state regulations that allow drinking until that time, has come before the council in previous meetings and has been defeated.

Because the bill has come under heavy criticism from municipalities and from citizens who live near clubs that have dancing to live music, Hartlove said he would support the measure only if restaurant owners and club patrons came to sessions to work with the council and iron out any problems it would create in the community.

"I was disappointed in those who said they're interested and then don't show up," said Hartlove.

Several club owners and managers who knew of the bill said they would have testified for it at a public hearing that now will never be held.