The Fairfax County Park Authority has allocated $5,098,505 of the bond money for use in the Centreville District. They are authorized to spend $3,993,505 on 22 development projects, and $1,105,000 on eight land acquisitions amounting to 86 acres of land.

Here is the second of three reports on projects and parks where the money is scheduled to be spent in the Centrevilled District in the next five years. Subsequent reports will describe where the money will be spent in the county's other magisterial districts.

Frying Pan Park - $200,000 was allocated for development of this 87-acre county park at 2709 West Ox Rd., on the fringe of Herndon. The park currently is the county's equestrian facility, with three outdoor horse show areas, several stables and other buildings used for instruction. It is the home of the annual 4-H County Fair. A model farm, depicting farming in the early 1900s, is also on the site.

A master plan already has been adopted for development of the park. The Frying Pan Supervisory Board worked with the Park Authority to plan scheduled developments, which include horse show facilities that would allow year-round activities, upgrading of model farm facilities and related side improvements such as parking. The work may begin this summer, according to the Park Authority.

Floris School Area - $100,000 was allocated for acquisition of up to 10 acres of land for a community park in the area of West Ox and Centreville roads, just outside of Herndon. Another $100,000 was allocated for future development of community park facilities. The Park Authority plans to begin searching for a site in 1979, and use of the park would be determined largely by resident surveys, which will be distributed to community groups in 1981, and by a public hearing.

Development ideas currently include balifields, open play, picnic and playground areas, basketball and/or tennis court and parking.

Greg. Roy Area - $75,000 has been allotted to buy land and $75,000 was allotted for development of a typical community park in the vicinity of West Ox and Centreville roads just outside of Herndon. The Park Authority plans to identify a site for the park this spring. Residents' opinions on how the park should be used will be solicited before development ideas currently include balfields, picnic and playground areas, basketball and/or tennis courts and parking.

Lake Fairfax Park - $1.2 million was allocated for development of a 476-acre park at 1400 Lake Fairfax Dr., on the fringe of Reston. The park presently has parking facilities, a swimming pool, swimming lake, large, day-use areas for picnicking, open fields for free play, boating and fishing facilities, food concessions, a carousel and a miniature train ride, a stern wheeler boat which runs on the lake, a large campground and four temporary soccer fields.

The Park Authority purchased the park 10 years ago from an owner who had developed it as a private recreation park. Until now, it has been operated with basically the same facilities it had when it was purchased. A committee composed of Park Authority staff, related county agencies and people from surrounding communities has been formed to offer opinions on how the park should be developed. A preliminary master plan is in the works no, and a public hearing on the plan probably will be held early this spring. A master plan for use of the park is expected to be adopted by late this summer or early fall, and construction could begin within six to nine months after that, according to a Park Authority spokesman.

Current development ideas include upgrading the existing camping area, installing food service facilities, picnic, playground and trail areas and upgrading the pool and lake areas.

Little Difficult Run Trails - $26,000 was set aside for development of a trail route northwest of Vienna, from Stuart Mill Road along the Little Difficult Run to the Birdfoot Lane area, connected with Difficult Run. Construction probably will begin in 1979. The trail development is in accordance with an adopted countywide trails plan.

Nottoway Park - $400,000 was alloted for development of an 84-acre district park at 9601 Courthouse Rd. on the fringe of Vienna. Of that, $200,000 comes from the Centreville District. Though boundary changes in the past five years have taken this park out of the district, both the Centreville and the Providence districts have combined funds and ideas for the park.

The park currently has an entrance road and parking, a restroom building, natural area, trails, picnic and playground areas, an open play field, a soccer-football field, a little league field, a softball field, a baseball field and a basketball court. In addition, the historic Hunter House, a late 19th Century home in the park, recently has been restored for community use.

A master plan for use of the park was adopted after resident surveys and a public hearing were completed. Planned developments include tennis courts, landscaping, a food concession building, additional basketball courts, nature trails and outdoor classrooms, additional picnic facilities and parking. Another athletic field area also is scheduled. A contract on the lighted tennis courts practice area, additional basketball courts and painting was recently awarded, and construction will begin early this year, if weather conditions permit. Construction of other phased developments probably will begin late this year, according to a Park Authority spokesman. CAPTION: Picture, Frying Pan Park near Herndon has received a $200,000 allocation for development. By Linda Wheeler - The Washington Post