This letter is in response to your article in the Virginia Weekly section, entitled "Langley and McLean: Two Schools Separated by More Than Distance."

I am a senior this year at McLean High School, and like all the other students at McLean, I have felt the rivalry with Langley, and the prejudices against McLean expressed by their students. In light of the recent issue concerning the transfer of 70 students from the Langley district to McLean, I have considered my education at McLean for the last four years; I feel obligated to let the parents of these 70 students know how I feel. I feel that they have missed the most important question of the whole issue.

The last four years of my life have been spent in preparing myself for both college and for my future life; I am glad that it was spent here at McLean. There are good teachers and bad anywhere you go, but at McLean I found teachers that I could respect, even if I did not agree with them personally. They have shown me genuine concern for my best interests - no door that I ever wanted to try was left closed to me. The teachers at McLean are aware that a student is an individual, and he is treated as such. True, we have none of the more open classrooms that Langley exhibits, yet the same results are achieved at McLean through personal contact with the teacher.

The question then, should not be whether or not McLean High School can offer the student of Langley an equal education. McLean offers the student all the tools he could possibly use to aid him if he is truly interested in learning. The question is whether or not a student is motivated, aware of all the potential that he has to offer.If the answer is yes, then I would have to promise that McLean will not fail him.