I am writing to you about the article that you published about Langley and McLean High Schools. I think that this article is a great threat to the future of a lot of high school students. Today, because of the article that you published, some students from McLean High drove around Langley in a long line of cars screaming obscenities, calling us high class, and flipping us off. I really do not consider myself "high class" and none of my friends do either.

At lunch, some Langley students drove over to McLean High and drove around the parking lots yelling and whistling. One of the Langley students got in an accident. Although there was no damage, there could have been. The authority at McLean High called the police who arrived at Langley after the kids returned.There were police at Langley almost all day. I talked with one of the policemen who agreed with me that they were wasting a lot of time on a lot of useless commotion. Now, because of all the commotion, both schools are becoming rivals. The article, which was a great surprise, made too many heads turn.

There was something in the article that raised much uproar, that was wrong. One of the Langley students said, "Here at Langley we have Jaguars and Covettes . . . " At Langley there are about two Corvettes and maybe one Jaguar. We have just as many trucks and vans and Chevies as McLean has.

I think that whoever the authority was in making the decision to publish the article on the schools, should also publish another article or letter to erase the majority of what was said in the article. The facts should be put straight. Some of the opinions in the article were made by a freshman. I think that if someone wants accurate facts that they should talk to students that have attended high school a bit longer, and that has experienced what is going on.

I am very sorry that this article was ever published becuse of all of the students that still have more years to attend high school, including myself. I do not want to be enemies with half of the kids in my town just because I attend a different school. I am sure that I am speaking for the majority of Langley. As for the people that I am not speaking for, they willeventually learn exactly what I am trying to say.