Both Langley and McLean high schools offer a wide range of courses of comparable academic quality. If there is a difference between the schools it is not in their academic offerings, but is in the atmosphere that prevails at each school. At Langley the academic pressure is strong, as illustrated by the requirements that each student carry six full classes and take semester exams in all courses.

McLean, also has a strong emphasis in academic excellence, but this is complemented by a sense of community among the students and faulty. At McLean more recognition is given to the role of school activities as an ingredient in student development and a wide range of opportuinities are provided for student involvement. More interest and emphasis is place [v. ORD ILLEGIBLE] activities and clubs, and in the [v. ORD ILLEGIBLE] of all school sports.

In my opinion it is an almost impossible task to objectively determine which school is better.Langley students will continue to maintain that theirs is a better school while McLean students will continue to react the same way. However the boundaries between the two schools are resolved, one central fact needs to be recognized: A good and motivated student should be able to advance and to make the most of himself wherever he goes to school. It is up to the individual student to decide how much he will gain from the opportunities placed in front of him. I believe that either McLean or Langley canchallenge the best of students.