I am writing in response to your article in the Feb. 16 edition regarding the comparison of Langley High School and McLean High School.

The reporter who wrote this article, obviously has not taken the time and effort necessary to do research to write a factual article on a subject of this nature.

The main criticism of McLean High School seemed to be that Langley students and parents feel that McLean families don't have as much money as those in the Langley area. If this is how they judge the quality of education, something is definitely wrong. School is a place of learning, not a competition such as who drives the best car or who has the most money. Status-seeking should not be a part of the education process.

McLean High School's teachers are as qualified as those of any school in the county, including Langley. The academic courses at McLean are just as challenging as those of Langley, and the facilities at McLean are equally as adequate as those at Langley.

We at McLean High School have pride in our school and in our education. The students have as much potential as anywhere else. This pride should not be torn down by an obviously irresponsible reporter.