As a parent of a McLean High School student I wish to comment on Maggie Locke's article regarding Langley and McLean High Schools. As a great part of the article was insulting to McLean High School young people I wish to point out that my personal experience with students from both schools has shown that neither group is any better or worse than the other.

Throughout the past seven years I've been involved quite frequently with the youth fellowship group of Trinity United Methodist Church. One thing that has always impressed me with this group of high school students has been the closeness of these teen-agers, although they attend both McLean and Langley school. The students of this church group date each other, attend one another's games, depending on which school has a home game, and generally go around in a crowd together. The school rivalry has always been wholesome.

My concern is that an article such as this incites anger, where none existed before, and can cause untold damage in a group such as I mention. High school students feel great loyalty for their school. I hope the students from both schools realize that quotes from a few irresponsible and immature students does not give the total picture. The friendships formed between students are too valuable to be jeopardized because of a few thoughtless statements.

It has been a pleasure getting to know these young people from both schools and I've never seen a "class, cultural or intellectual" difference.