"What are the problems of senior citizens in Washington?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the Judiciary House Senior Citizen Ceter at 4th and H streets NW to talk to senior citizens .

Jamie C. Norman, resident at H and 4th streets NW: "They seem to be withdrawn and satisfied with not doing things in the community. They're not ready to make their lives more invigorating. That's not me though. I'm glad to keep involved."

Theodore R. Vowels, director of the Judiciary House Bible Forum: "I find one great problem is a lack of participation by the men. We have one lady in our class, Harriet Reid, who's 93 years old. She's an inspiration to us all. Another problem is housing. Actually we have more parking lots than housing.

Alice B. Jordan, resident at 4th and H streets NW: "I'd like that we have a Safeway in this neighborhood. We have to go so far for food. The nearest Safeway is at 12th and F Street."

Eva Brooks, founder of Judiciary House Gospel Chorus: "I think we should have more security to keep strangers from coming into the building. And we need a Safeway near here."

Ella Johnson, resident at 4th and H streets NW: "I'm concerned about the senior citizens park out here (along Massachusetts Avenue and 4th Street) that was dedicated over two years ago. They work on it one day, the next time they forget all about it. I'm an outdoor woman. Me and another lady take the weeks out and try to grow flowers, but people come in and throw beer bottles and cans out there."

Margaret Dudley, resident at 4th and H streets NW: "Heat and hot water is a problem. For several weeks we didn't have any heat and hot water. We have only one boiler working. They were supposed to be fixing it, but all they do is patch it up. Everybody from Councilman Wilson on down has been contacted. And still only one boiler is working. At present we do have heat and hot water though."

Reva Lawrenson, resident at 4th and H streets NW: "They just look out for us here. They've been real good to me. I've been here seven years. I have my own transportation, so shopping is no problem to me."