One of two students who were suspended from Fairfax County's Langley High School for allegedly putting marijuana in a batch of cookies in a home economics class has been expelled from the school, according to several friends of the students involved.

The expelled student, according to his friends at Langley, has been told that he will be allowed to attend another county high school.

THe second student doesn't know what the disposition of his case will be, his friends reported.

School officials have refused to comment on the incident in which the home economics teacher, Robyn Boyle, became ill and missed a week of school.

"It's not appropriate to comment on student discipline," said Thomas Cawley, attorney for the Fairfax County School Board.

However, in interviews with students and parents of students who attend Langley High, the following account of the incident emerged:

Three weeks ago yesterday, two male students were helping to prepare about three dozen chocolate chip cookies. One student was watching the other mix the ingredients.

One of the students put a teaspoon of marijuana in the cookies. A third student is suspected of putting PCP, also known as "killer weed" or "angel dust," in the cookie mix.

The teacher ate at least one of the cookies and immediately became ill. Another student in the class got sick after eating about nine of the cookies. The student, who was sick for three days, complained of blood-shot eyes, a puffy mouth, a "bleached" face and hallucinations.

Boyle has refused to comment on the incident. A school spokesman has said the teacher was treated at a hospital emergency room on the night of the incident and visited her physician a few days later. The doctor determined that her illness was caused by something she had eaten, the spokesman said.

In interviews with school officials, one student acknowledged putting marijuano in the cookies and the second said he watched as the first student did so.

The third student suspected of putting PCP in the cookies has not admitting doing so and there is no physical evidence to implicate him, so no discipline action has been taken against him.

The disciplinary action is being taken by the area administrator for Langley. That decision can be appealed to the school board.

One of the students has an attorney, but the attorney would not return a reporter's repeated telephone calls.