Four suspects in last week's fatal shooting of an off-duty police officer were held for action by a grand jury after a hearing in D.C. Superior Court yesterday.

D.C. Superior Court judge William S. Thompson found that there was probable cause that the four men had been involved in the shooting of D.C. police officer Bernis Carr, who was fatally shot in the head and chest Feb. 16 during a robbery at Jimi's Lounge, 4801 Georgia Ave. NW. All four men are being held on $100,000 bond.

The only witness presented by the government yesterday at the hearing was D.C. police detective Hugh F. Triggs, who testified to an affidavit in support of the arrest of the four men last weekend and merely said on the witness stand yesterday that the facts in the affidavit were true.

The affidavit said a citizen had informed the police that one of the suspects told him before the Jimi's robbery that they are planning to rob a store in the area. Later that night, according to the same citizen, one of the suspects called and said they had been involved in a shooting and that one of his acquaintances had been shot, the affidavit continued.

A fifth suspect is still in Prince George's General Hospital with gunshot wounds, where he was admitted the night of the shooting under an assumed name.

THe affidavit also disclosed publicly that at least two of the suspects in the Jimi's shooting are suspects in a robbery at the Ebony Hut, 4726 14th St. NW that occurred a few days earlier

Triggs also swore in the affidavit that witnesses to the murder had told police that one of the suspects tripped as he left the scene and dropped his gun there, and that the gun was recovered by police.

The four men who were held for grand jury action yesterday are Gregory E. Williams, 25, of 6333 Landover Rd. Cheverly; Calvin O. Gorham, 18, of 1365 Kennedy St. NW; Dion M. Wilson, 23, of 1322 Massachusetts Ave. SE, and Ricardo A. Roberts, 19, of 1224 Southern Ave. SE.